Mott Middle Early College High School @ Mott Community College, Flint

Facts and Highlights 2014-15*

Primary Features: Small school size, college course offerings and support, college and career readiness, seminar, advisory
  • Grades: 9-13
  • Students: 374
  • Gender: Female (57%)   Male (43%)
  • Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic: (9%)  Black (64%)  White (22%)  Asian (1%) Other (4%)
  • Free/Reduced Lunch: 75%
  • Average Daily Attendance: 93%
  • High School Graduation Rate: 100%

College Enrollment Data (2012-13 Cohort)

  • 352 students in grades 9-13 enrolled in college classes
  • Average credits earned by graduation: 37
  • Average GPA: 2.79
  • Average Associates Degrees awarded at graduation: 11%
  • Enrollment in college classes by grade: (9) 40% (10) 90% (11) 100% (12) 100%

Post Secondary Enrollment

  • 85% of graduates aspire to enroll in a 4 year college or educational institution
  • Current graduate post secondary enrollment:
    • 4 % 2 year college
    • 48 % 4 year college
    • 2 % certificate or technical program

Students say the best part of their high school experience is:

  • Growing. Mott Middle College has helped me mature into such a responsible adult it’s unbelievable. I look at where I was four years ago and I would not have pictured my life this way right now at the age of 18. The teachers at this school are some of most caring staff/faculty you can come about.
  • The freedom it offers and the brilliant minds it attracts. Being surrounded by those that want to see you succeed and will jump at the opportunity to help is exactly what you need in a school. This is not a school it is a learning family.
  • This school was challenging to me.  If I find things are easy I tend not to do them. At this school they cater to the needs of the kids if you need extra help they provide it in seminar.
* Data gathered and analyzed by NCREST (National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools and Teaching)2014.

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