Middle College High School @ Santa Ana College, Santa Ana

Facts and Highlights 2014-15*

Primary Features: Small school size, college course offerings and support, college and career readiness, seminar, advisory

  • Grades: 9-12
  • Students: 328
  • Gender: Female (57%)   Male (43%)
  • Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic: (91%)  Black (0%)  White (0%)  Asian (7%) Other (2)
  • Free/Reduced Lunch: 93%
  • Average Daily Attendance: 98%
  • High School Graduation Rate: 100%
  • Post Secondary Enrollment: 26% 2 year colleges      62% 4 year colleges   1 % Technical/Certificate Programs

College Enrollment Data (2013-14 Cohort)

  • 100% students in grades 9-12 enrolled in college classes
  • Average credits earned by graduation: 41.7
  • Average GPA: 3.06

Post Secondary Enrollment

  • 95% of graduates aspire to enroll in a 4 year college or educational institution

Students say the best part of their high school experience is:

  • Everyone is family and wants you to do your best. We are all friends and share the same interest in wanting to go to college and do [well] in school. We fit in... and I feel comfortable talking to all my student body. They push us to strive to better ourselves.
  • The independence. I love having the freedom and knowing that adults trust you and have the confidence in you to achieve and do well. I also thought it was easy to make friends here; it was something really [hard to] do in a bigger school like in middle school.
  • The best part of my high school experience is learning how to manage high school and college courses at the same time. It helped me prepare for the university.
* Data gathered and analyzed by NCREST (National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools and Teaching)2014.


.  National Blue Ribbon School, 2009 .  California Distinguished School, 2009 .  Title I Academic Achievement Award School .  U.S. News and World Report Silver Medal School

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