College readiness involves a variety of indicators.  In addition to providing rigorous coursework (ie., college level coursework), students’ sense of preparedness for college, and their post high school aspirations and postsecondary enrollment are also important.

MCNC early colleges provide college course-taking opportunities for students.  Some schools provide an additional fifth year (13th grade) option for students to complete an Associate’s degree.  Overall, MCNC students accumulate a significant number of college credits and are successful.  On average, students earn an equivalent of one-year of college credits upon graduating from high school.   college_readiness_transcript_study

A high majority MCNC graduating students (90% and more) have a clear understanding of what college is like, can imagine themselves as a college student and feel confident about college.


A high majority of graduating students (92%) want to graduate from a 4-year college and/or pursue further schooling; and 90% of recent MCNC graduates enrolled at a postsecondary institution upon graduating from high school.

college_readiness_post_hs_aspirations college_readiness_postsecondary