MCNC seeks to help every United States student graduate from high school ready for college.  With your help, we can continue to bridge the gap between high school and college, and enable students to graduate from high school with up to 24 college credits.

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We buy textbooks for students, and sponsor students  in  leadership initiative that connects them with peers across the country and build literacy skills and earn college credit. We  provide professional development for teachers,  administrators, on how to provide student support, gain community enthusiasm and work with the colleges.

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Purchase a MCNC Student Leadership Initiative film and a Walk With the Dreamers t-shirt.

Support MCNC’s Student Leadership Initiative’s efforts to show the world a unique, successful program creating civic minded, well informed youth through production of “Walk With the Dreamers.” a film. Tracing the journey of 5 students from their home towns to Columbus, Ohio where they join to make a real difference.

All proceeds received from the below items will be used for the Student Leadership Initiative Program.

Walk With The Dreamers [T-Shirt] - MCNC

I Walk With The Dreamers [T-Shirt] – $15

walk with dreamer-dvd cover

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This shirt can be used to express what you think the world needs a little more of.  By purchasing this t-shirt you are helping the dreamers (our students) to make the world they desire.

To order multiple quantities of this t-shirt for your school, organization or club please contact Adana directly.


You can volunteer with your local Middle Early College High School, or with MCNC on various projects. Your skills and passion for educational reform are needed to take our students to the next level.

Find a school in your area and contact the Principals.

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MCNC  internships  give Middle/ Early College High School students  experience in how to support a school, nonprofit administration and nonprofit event planning.

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The Middle College National Consortium publishes the periodic newsletter, Fulfilling Promises, which contains stories contributed by school staff, students, MCNC staff, and MCNC friends. This newsletter provides readers with insights into school practices and MCNC activities.

Myra Silverman, retired principal for Middle College High School
at Contra Costa College, San Pablo, California, serves as Editor in Chief.

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