MCNC is strategic partners with:

National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching

The National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching (NCREST) is a research and development organization at Teachers College, Columbia University. Founded in 1990 by Linda Darling-Hammond and Ann Lieberman, NCREST is currently co-directed by Jacqueline Ancess and Thomas Hatch. Since its inception NCREST has conducted research in critical areas of school reform such as assessment, accountability, standards, restructuring elementary, middle, and high schools, small schools, new-school creation, big school conversions, school leadership, professional development, teacher education, professional development schools, learner-centered classrooms and schools, multi-cultural education, equity, under-served and under-performing students, technology, state and local policy, and systemic reform.

NCREST has served as a strategic partner of the MCNC since 2003. The NCREST Early College Team’s commitment- and privilege- has been to support MCNC’s efforts to develop strong, effective Middle/Early College High Schools (MC-ECs) capable of providing students with the opportunity to graduate high school with one to two years of college credit earned. To this end, NCREST has:

  • Reviewed and analyzed college transcript data of student enrollment and performance in college classes, and provided individual school level and MCNC aggregate reports.
  • Conducted online surveys of graduating students to better understand their academic and social needs, perspectives, and progress toward college readiness.
  • Analyzed the extent to which subgroups of students were well served by MC-ECs including by race/ethnicity, gender, and prior academic achievement (8th grade proficiency levels).
  • Coordinated and reviewed National Student Clearinghouse data and provided information on the numbers of students progressing into and persisting in college after graduation from MC-ECs.
  • Administered an annual online MCNC school survey and compiled a data report.
  • Led workshops and conference sessions in which participants learned to understand, use (and come to love) key data points, focusing on ways to improve student experiences and outcomes.
  • Conducted numerous short term research and development projects including: the Math/Data Use Project, support for the Transitions Project, analysis of seminar, analysis of the CFR process, and others.
  • Wrote briefs, reports, lit reviews, and created related templates.

MCNC is currently in partnership with NCREST in execution and oversight of SECEP (STEM EARLY COLLEGE EXPANSION POLICY) an Innovation 3 initiative in coordination with Jobs for the Future and  Michigan Early and Middle College Association (MEMCA) to use MCNC Design Principles to foster STEM focus in intermediate and high schools.

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